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San Francisco Newborn Photographer Diaries: Ali & Jimmy recently welcomed two sweet babies into their home! Jude and Palmer are preemies and like most parents of premature babies, Ali and Jimmy went through a difficult journey before they were finally able to bring the two home! The joy that they feel can be reflected through their photos! I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet this beautiful family and hear their story. Take a look below to hear the birth story of Jude & Palmer shared by their two parents.

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"We are the 1:8 couple that dealt with infertility and if that season didn’t occur we wouldn’t have our miracles Jude and Palmer. Parenthood is putting our children’s comfort ahead of ours and taking pride in every little advancement. Their creation truly is our greatest accomplishment."
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"Jimmy and I went through several months of fertility treatments and in June 2018 we had gone through the IVF (in-vitro fertilization) cycle and my body was finally ready to transfer an embryo (or two). We were so ready for our baby at that point so to improve our chances of the embryo attaching we transferred two. After just 3 days from the double embryo transfer date we went to the movies to try and occupy our minds. That night I decided to take a pregnancy test just for the fun of it and that’s when I saw it- a very faint pink second line. We were over the moon and almost in disbelief!"
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"We had had enough surprises, so we wanted to find out as soon as possible. Mom thought they were both boys since they were riding low (and we only have nephews), but we were elated to hear we had one of each! People kept saying “now you can be done” which annoyed us at first, but being sleep deprived it’s starting to sound nice." 
"Moms favorite animal is an elephant and elephants symbolize fertility, strength and general good luck. I wanted to bring that energy into our home and also keep it gender neutral since we have one of each!"
"Our babes were born at 34 weeks because of pregnancy complications. When I went into surgery for a c-section we were warned that they may not come out crying and not to worry that they were prepared with oxygen."
"When both babies came out screaming their heads off we felt an abundant amount of relief. We had two perfect babies breathing on their own. From there they were transferred to the NICU where mom got to meet them a few hours later."

"Being a NICU parent was an entirely different challenge. Leaving our babies at the hospital and coming home empty handed felt wrong. Trusting others to care for our children was scary."
"Coming home felt foreign because they weren’t there and kissing them goodnight every day after spending hours at the hospital with them never got easier. I went from feeling their every kick and movement to not having them with me at all. We were heartbroken."
"Luckily, the twins were in the best care possible and they only needed help eating and growing. After 14 days, Palmer came home and after 20 days Jude joined us. Now our home is chaotic and busy just like we like it!"

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