Preparing For Your Newborn Session

Welcome to Shefali Parekh, your expert newborn photographer. Capturing the magic of your little one’s early days with skill and love, we create timeless memories that will warm your heart for a lifetime. Trust us to preserve the precious moments of your newborn, ensuring every smile and cuddle is forever treasured.

Firstly, congratulations on this beautiful phase of your life and thank you for booking a newborn photography session with me! I hope you are able to treasure these wonderful moments with your baby as they come and go so quickly!

Here are some useful tips for your newborn photography session to make sure our time together runs smoothly!

— Please have your baby fed right before the session. A well fed baby is a happy baby! I will be happy to take as many breaks that are needed to help him/her re-fuel! If you are nursing, try to avoid eating spicy foods or anything that will cause gas and upset baby’s tummy 24 hours prior for your session.

— Babies sleep best when the room is nice and warm. Crank up your heater to approximately 80 degrees to create that perfect atmosphere.

— Every home is unique so I will work with spaces that offer the best combination of light and space. Typically the master bedroom, living area, and nursery are suggested. Please make sure these spaces are clean so we can take photos in those rooms. Open any blinds and curtains in your home before the session so that I can identify the best spots with natural light. Newborn Photography is better when done under natural light.

— Please be prepared with any outfits or swaddles. All of the blankets are pre-washed and can be used during the session. If you have any props that you would like to use, please let me know prior to the session.


Make The Bed!

There is nothing cuter than having a new family cuddled up together in bed!

Here are a few tips to prepare:

  1. Make your bed and remove unnecessary items from the side tables
  2. Have a solid blanket or comforter
  3. I highly recommend white or cream colored bedding to keep things light and airy.

Siblings and Pets

Make it about them too, not just the baby!

Photos with siblings are usually taken first because children are unpredictable, and that’s okay. It is best to get sibling and family photos taken first before the child’s patience runs out. Try a mock newborn shoot sometime before the session so that your child is comfortable with holding, hugging or kissing the baby.

Keeping snacks readily available tends to help them be in a better mood. Bribery is a great tool to use too! Let your child know that they will receive a “gift” if they behave well throughout the session.

When putting them into their outfit during the morning of the session, try to have 2 options for them to choose from. This makes them feel involved and gives them the reassurance that this is all about them!

I love it when pets join in for family photos! However, safety for baby is the number one priority for me. I will only position your pet close to the baby given your consent.


What To Wear

Less Is More!

I typically allow for two sets of clothing. Most parents like to keep one formal outfit, and one casual. Moms, I suggest wearing a maxi dress or floor length gown for your formal outfit. A light shirt and dark jeans go well for casual wear. However, it is important to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in! 

Colors: Neutrals are usually a safe bet. Beige, cream, white, and cool grays are great options for all family members. This helps keep the focus on the baby and keep things “bright and airy.”

For baby: Stay away from bold colors like orange, as they are too harsh for the setting and will not compliment baby’s already rosier skin. I will also have swaddle blankets that can be used.

Baby can be naked (in a diaper) for a portion of the session. Dressing parents and siblings in solid, logo-free and neutral outfits will put the focus on the baby, by having them swaddled in a colorful or lightly patterned blanket. Bows look great on baby girls and are recommended to be purchased prior to the session as I do not provide that. 

Make sure all the shirts are free of logos or writing. Wrinkles show up in photos as well, so please make sure all clothing is ironed or steamed.


I hope this guide has answered your questions and prepared you for your upcoming session!

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