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Baby Luke | Newborn Photographer San Francisco

One of the best parts about in-home sessions is really getting to know my clients! It is truly special being able to get a glimpse of their lives within the two or three hours I spend at their home. Erica and Colin were extremely welcoming, laid back and fun to hang out with! I photographed baby Luke when he was a little over a month old. Seeing the two parents enjoy his presence in their home was a sight to see!

Parenting is the most difficult job in the world. It takes a lot of patience, courage and most importantly, a lot of compassion – which both of these amazing human beings are nothing short of! Take a look below for some of my favorite moments from their session!

Newborn Photographer San Francisco

“I cannot even begin to explain all the wonderful feelings of being a parent. A good friend told me that these will be the longest days but shortest years of my life. And it’s so true, Colin and I can’t believe our baby boy is already one month old! Being the parent of a newborn can be challenging but every time I look at Luke’s face my heart melts and I can believe he is mine and Colin’s. Everything he does is ‘so cute’…the smiles, the yawns, the pouts and all the sweet kitten noises.” -Erica

Newborn Photographer San Francisco


Newborn Photography San Francisco

It’s a BOY!

“We had the doctor write down and print a sonogram revealing the gender. Together with our family on speaker we opened the envelope and found out it was a BOY. And boy was it a boy…no denying the gender on this one…hahaha. I don’t understand how there could be any confusion and the wrong gender given.. I guess sonogram clarity has improved over the years.” -Erica

Newborn Photography San Francisco

San Francisco Newborn Photography by Shefali Parekh Photography

“We wanted a strong name that was not trendy. We also didn’t want a name that could be shortened, for example Nicholas to Nick. Our names can’t be shortened (Erica & Colin) and we love that so we wanted it for our baby too. Lastly, we wanted something that translates easily. That’s how we ended up with Luke. We both love the name and it translates into Lucas in Spanish, Luca in Italian… it justt worked great for us. And our little guy looks like a Luke. Our neighbors say its a hot guy name… of course Dad loved that!” -Erica


Newborn Photography by Shefali Parekh Photography

San Francisco Baby Photographer

“We no longer sweat the small stuff…. the photo shoot was the first time I was able to blow out my hair and put some makeup on. These days I just want to be clean and love on my baby! Colin is very active and loves to hike, bike, fish etc. he has put some of that on hold to spend free time with Luke. He has a several future plans for outdoor father son adventure.” -Erica

San Francisco Baby Photography


“Having a summer baby in SF has been a true blessing! I can’t imagine my last trimester or post partum in the heat. Luke was born on the Fourth of July! This has officially become our favorite holiday because we were blessed with the sweetest cutest little fire cracker ever!” -Erica

New Born Photographer San Francisco

Newborn Photographer San Francisco

Shefali Parekh is a lifestyle photographer specializing in newborn, family and engagement photography in San Francisco, CA.

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