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Newborn Photography in San Francisco: I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Alina and Rich during their pregnancy and for their in-home newborn session after their sweet little babe arrived! Capturing these two as their family grows has been so much fun! Their love for baby Ani and their fur-baby Charlie is incredible. Take a look below to see some highlights from their in-home newborn session!

ANI: "We wanted a traditional Armenian name that was also easy to pronounce. Ani (Ah-nee) is a medieval Armenian city sometimes called the City of 1001 Churches."
San Francisco Newborn Photographer
Newborn Photography in San Francisco
Shefali Parekh Photography
It's a Girl! "We initially considered keeping the gender a surprise but once we did the blood work, we were way too eager and antsy. We found out as soon as our results came in."
Newborn Photography in San Francisco
"We have a dog named Charles (aka Charlie or, more commonly, Chuck). Chuck has been with me (Alina) since 2009 (when he was 3 months old). We've had many adventures together and he's grown very accustomed to being our only child. His favorite place to be is either cuddled with us in bed or running around at the beach. He's adjusting to his baby sister and we're excited to see how they interact as Ani gets older."
Newborn Photography in San Francisco
Newborn Photography in San Francisco
Bay Area Newborn Photographer
Bay Area Newborn Photography
Baby and Dog Photography

Newborn Photography in San Francisco

Dog and Baby
In Home Newborn Lifestyle Session
"It's amazing how much this tiny little human rules our world. Our days now revolve around her schedule."
San Francisco Newborn Photography
San Francisco Newborn Photographer
Lifestyle Newborn Session
In Home Newborn Lifestyle Session
Newborn baby and Mom
Lifestyle Newborn Photography
Newborn baby with Dad
"My wife and I were blown away with the level of professionalism, knowledge, and cheer Shefali brought to our photo shoots. We now have photos to cherish for the rest of our lives and couldn't be happier with how they turned out!" -Rich
Newborn Lifestyle Photography

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