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SF Family Photography: Sharing the sweetest family here today! I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this young couple and their family of five. This session was done prior to their move to Colombia to commemorate their stay in San Francisco and early retirement!


Three Children

"Gosh where do I begin?! First thing that comes to mind is how happy they make me. A kiss, a hug or an I love you can turn my day around no matter how bad it is. I love how curious they are about the world and how they see it which such innocent eyes. I love how different all their personalities are but yet you can tell they are siblings because they have the same mannerisms." -Valentina

LUCAS: "I love that he will do anything to make you laugh, no matter how silly he looks he wont care who is watching as long as you are laughing. He does this also when his siblings get hurt. He is the only person that can make them go from crying to hysterically laughing within minutes." -Valentina
LUMI: "This girl is something else, she's so smart, witty and has a huge personality. She loves to put on a show, she sings and dances 24/7 specially if she has a snack in her hand." -Valentina
LIAM:  "I love how affectionate he is. I kid you not he wakes me up with kisses every morning.. so its hard to get mad when he wakes up before the sun is out because he is already showering you with kisses oh my gosh!!! and his EYES!! ugh he can melt your heart with one look." -Valentina

Stay At Home Mom

"Life as a stay at home mom... how do I describe it? It’s never boring that’s for sure. I’ve meet working moms and stay at home moms but I have yet to meet a mom that doesn’t work. I’m grateful I get to spend everyday with my kids and not get to miss a thing.. but it can also get lonely so I learned early on that in order for me to be the best mom to my kids I had to take time for myself. I’m not going to lie, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I love everything about it even the challenging parts. I feel like the hard times always shows me something new about myself and ways I can always improve." -Valentina


"Shefali sent me a link which made it easy to chose and coordinate outfits for all of us. I ordered everything within an hour or two which was a great time saver." -Valentina

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RICHARD: "I admire how dedicated he is with everything he does. From being a husband, father and entrepreneur. He does it all and makes it look easy. He gave me my dream life and I will be forever thankful for everything he does for our family." -Valentina

SF Family Photography: Shefali Parekh Photography

"The best! Let’s just say I cried when I saw the photographs. It was a great experience all around and worth every penny!" -Valentina

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