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Do you remember the Ouska twins? Jude and Palmer were featured on my blog about a year ago. I had a the pleasure of doing their in-home newborn session. I had the opportunity to work with them again for their one year milestone session! It is always such a joy to work with Ali and Jimmy - they make parenting twin babies look easy!

Jimmy & Ali's Experience...

Take a look here to see what Ali has to say about her experience working with me: "A year ago @shefaliparekhphotography came over to take our newborn photos. We were about 3 weeks into having twins at home and I had been up since 4am after doing feedings all night every 3 hours. When she left I was EXHASUTED and told Jimmy I’d be shocked if she got any since at every single photo op one or both babies were crying. I was a sweaty mess. But somehow she captured beautiful moments. A year later, we have babies on the loose and it was a different kind of challenge. I’m thankful to have found this miracle photographer to capture real moments of Jude eating the grass and belly laughing at his daddy and Palmer wanting to 'raise the roof' and dance in every photo, followed by cuddles on mama."  

Jude & Palmer

"Jude and Palmer are twins that were born 6 weeks premature. Jude is our chill, calm, easy going boy. He has the bluest eyes that legitimately stop people in their tracks. When Jude is looking at a new toy or a book he turns his head to the side and calmly studies it. He’s so inquisitive. Palmer is our porcelain skin, tiny thing with a BIG personality. She is full of sass, courage and strong willed. Things I hope she never changes but in this moment she challenges us! At the same time, she is the one that loves cuddling. You can always count on her to give you a big hug." -Ali


"My dress was Christy Dawn. I couldn’t resist buying it the moment I saw it. I wanted to embrace the sunset feel and also knew I wanted a long flown dress. For the twins, we went with cream. Jude’s little mock turtle neck was irresistible and Palmer in her tutu dress was precious. When P wears a dress she always twirls it." -Ali

One Year Old!

"We made it ONE year with twins! Our boy/girl twins Jude and Palmer were born 6 weeks early. We were immediately challenged with having to leave our children in the hospital when we went home. It was by far the hardest experience of our lives. After 21 days, we had our babies home. Let chaos ensue! The first 6 months were rough but each day got easier. Now we have one year old kiddos that are fully caught up on growth, weight AND motor skills. We’re so proud of these two fighters and have loved watching them grow." -Ali

San Jose Family Photography

Motherhood: "Overwhelming amount of love, pride over every new milestone, pure joy, exhaustion and lots of worrying!" -Ali
Fatherhood: "Constant worry of messing up a tiny humans life but so much love." -Jimmy

Life As A Stay At Home Mom

"Being a stay at home mom to twins is nonstop. While I would love our schedule to go accordingly everyday, it just doesn’t. We have two very different babies and sometimes one decided to nap strike leaving mom with absolutely no time to herself. In those moments I try my best to soak in my one on one time with the nap striker. By the end of the day you will catch me with my hair up, t-shirt on and shorts (no matter what the weather). I am always sweating after chasing these two little wild ones around all day."

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