A Mother’s Love: Favorite Mom and Baby Poses

As a newborn photographer in the Bay Area, I’ve helped many new mamas and babies pose for their newborn photoshoots. Here’s a small list of my favorite newborn photography poses without giving away all of my secrets! 

Nose to Nose

It’s my job as a newborn photographer in San Francisco to capture some of the first moments of a baby’s life. I love this pose because it showcases the undeniable connection between newborns and their mamas. This pose always looks as if I caught an intimate moment between them! 


Head on Shoulder

Babies spend a lot of time lying on their mother’s shoulders, so why not capture this adorable pose during the newborn photoshoot? I like to find the small everyday moments that are still incredibly meaningful. It won’t be long before the pair can look back on these moments and cherish their everlasting bond. 


Kiss on the Cheek

This simple pose is often a favorite for new mamas — it highlights a mother’s deep love for their baby! It typically works best when the baby is asleep because it’s easy to create an intimate moment. Still, this photo is the perfect example that every newborn session is different. The beauty of newborn photography in San Francisco is that what works for one family might not work for another. I love this image because when you look into the baby’s eyes, you instantly notice how happy he is to be kissed by his mama. 


On Mama’s Lap

Last but not least, this pose is one of my go-to mama and baby poses because it’s an adorable way to show how tiny the little one looks in their mother’s lap. Most babies love being held in their mother’s lap, so this pose feels authentic to most mamas.


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