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Mother’s Day is around the corner and I am so excited to announce that I am now offering in-home Mommy & Me sessions! Motherhood

 Children grow up oh so quickly! Allow me to freeze this moment in time. Let me capture your life as is: the chaos in your home, endless laughs, some tears, lots of giggles,  hugs… and kisses!

Earlier this week, I got to hang out with Erin and her three children: Poppy, Hudson and Holland. I visited their home in Danville for their Mommy & Me session. Erin is a working Mom yet she is able to find the perfect balance between her career and family. Take a look below to hear her story!


“As the mother of three, 2 girls and one boy, one of the things that I love most is seeing how different and unique each of my children are. They have each had their own little personalities since the moment that they were born, too. Poppy, my oldest daughter, is 7 years old and quite possibly one of the sweetest little girls. Poppy is very kind and loving and so very sensitive. Poppy is determined in everything that she does from excelling at school to playing sports to being the best friend she can be. Poppy has the biggest sweetest smile that instantly lights up a room.”


“Hudson is the best snuggler and is my biggest cuddle-bug. Unlike most very rambunctious toddler boys, Hudson is a little quiet and reserved and not because he is shy but because he is a thinker who is very observant and analytical. Sports are of little to not interest to Hudson as he would prefer to do science experiments or some type of hands-on activities like building. Our little guy is so adorable and funny and incredibly sweet and loving. The joke among our family is that Hudson is like a little old man trapped in a little boys body!”


“My youngest, Holland, is 3 years old. Out of all of our children, Holland is by far the wildest free-spirit. Holland has a very strong personality and can definitely be the wild one. Despite her craziness, Holland is a wonderful helper who is great at doing chores and completing any tasks given to her. Our family often calls her “Nurse Holland” because she is the first one to run and get a bandaid or an icepack to help someone. Holli, as we call her, is a spit-fire who keeps us laughing and on our toes!”



“Motherhood to me is all about sharing my love and raising little humans to be the best people they can possibly be. To me, motherhood means being selfless and compassionate. Being a mom also means being loving and a leader who works every day at guiding my children down the right paths in life.”


“Life as a working mom is oftentimes chaotic and stressful and can be overwhelming once in a while, too. I choose to be a working mom despite the aforementioned downsides because I think it is very important for both myself and my children to set a good example that women can have it all; a career, a family, a social life, etc. Being a mom is a job in itself, don’t get me wrong. But with that being said, I find that I am a better mom when I am a working mom. Working a full-time job forces me to be organized, efficient, and diligent but it also allows me to be me – you know, the person I was before I became a wife and mother. I love my children and I love my time with them and cherish it deeply, but I love that my children see that I can be a “boss” inside and outside of the home, too!”


“Mommyhood is hard. It’s hard for so many reasons – both big and small. I struggle sometimes when I have to miss school activities or sporting events due to work. I struggle with the “goodbyes” when I have to go out of town every month. I struggle with patience when all 3 children are being wild and crazy and not listening to me.I struggle getting 5 loads of laundry done in a timely matter every week. I struggle with being empathetic as I am very much a “suck it up” kind of mom. Every mom struggles because being a mom is just plain hard sometimes – and by sometimes, I mean a lot of times!”



“At the end of the day, despite all of the ups and downs, the days of too much yelling, the days where I feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day, the weeks where I feel like I am not spending enough one-on-one time with each children – my children wake up happy and loved, and that is what’s most important. Every day is a fresh start and I am so grateful for that. I am so grateful that I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a mom to these 3 beautiful children. As a woman who has suffered multiple miscarriages within the last couple of years, I am grateful every single day for these healthy, albeit crazy, kids that call me mom!” – Erin

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