Menlo Park Newborn Photography: Baby Andres

Menlo Park Newborn Photography

Photographing the Wellington family was an absolute joy! Baby Andres (at 12 days old) slept soundly throughout his entire newborn session. On the other hand, his older brother Joaquin kept me on my toes (throwing Legos in the air and all)! I must say, I wouldn’t have it any other way because little boys are so much fun! Although Joaquin wasn’t the biggest fan of wanting his pictures taken, he would often sneak in a gentle kiss to his baby brother. This had me smiling ear to ear and allowed for me to capture their beautiful bond. One of the many reasons why I enjoy lifestyle photography is being able to capture authentic moments.

Rocio and Rob are over the moon to have their family complete! Take a look below to see what Mom has to say!



“I actually dreamt that I was pregnant and took a pregnancy test the next morning – it was positive! I wake up very early for work so I took the test and of course then had to wake my husband up to share the news.”


“Andres’ first name is simply a name we really liked. My family is from Mexico so for both Andres and for Joaquin (our oldest) it was really important to us to have a Spanish name. We also wanted names that were relatively easily pronounced in English as well (My name, Rocio, has always been a blessing and a curse, so I wanted something a little more straightforward for the boys). Andres’ middle name, Ivan, is very significant as it is my brother’s name (his uncle/ to be godfather’s name). For both of our boys we wanted to include one family name as well.”


Gender Reveal

“We did the 12 week blood test and found out the gender pretty early on. I just couldn’t wait until the 20 week ultrasound, especially since we wanted to share the news with our oldest son and wanted to let him know whether he was having a baby brother or baby sister.  It was also nice to start imagining what our life would be like with two crazy boys running around. I think brothers share a very special bond and we are excited to see these two boys grow up and be buddies.”


Rocio + Rob

“We met at a mutual friend’s Halloween party while we were both living in New York City almost 11 years ago. Despite having both gone to Stanford for undergrad, being only a year apart and having a ton of mutual friends, we never knew each other. It was fate! We hit it off that night, had our first real date that same weekend and never looked back. Our 8 year wedding anniversary is later this month, on June 26th.”



“If I could use one word to describe the feeling, I would say “complete.” We waited a bit to try to get pregnant again as we wanted about a 3 year age difference, but we always knew we wanted two children, so finding out we were pregnant was incredible. We were ready to expand and complete our family – he is such a blessing.”


“Joaquin, our oldest is just over 3 years. He is really excited to be an older brother. He has been so sweet to Andres – he loves to “pet” him and give him kisses. He is also super helpful! He insists on getting the diapers for his diaper changes and even re-inserts the paci when it falls out when riding in the car. He can be pretty wild but he is super tender when it comes to his little brother.”


“I love how the images really capture the personality of our family. They are sweet and silly. I also love that they capture our living space – they are very personal and real, which I just love.” ~ Rocio

Shefali Parekh is a lifestyle photographer specializing in newborn, family and engagement photography in San Francisco, CA.

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