Puppy Pictures: Bring Your Dogs Along!

Family photos aren’t just about the humans — bring your furry family members along, too! Because who doesn’t love cute puppy pictures? 

Dogs are an integral part of a family unit, but they’re often nowhere to be found in professional family photos. While other photographers in the Bay area may not allow dogs in their sessions, I’m a San Francisco photographer who’d love to include your sweet pups in any of my family sessions! 

Blair and Glen reached out to me asking to do a photoshoot with their 10-week-old golden retriever puppy, Cedar. (Side note: how cute is it that they named their pup after their wedding venue, Cedar Lakes Estate?) Blair, Glen, and little Cedar joined me for an adorable family photo session that I just can’t get enough of. Here’s a glimpse into a photoshoot that turned out paws-itively adorable thanks to Cedar and his loving parents: 


This Backdrop is Breathtaking, But Look At The Little Guy in the Middle! 

The fog helped create an absolutely stunning background for these family photos. When I noticed there would be fog rolling in during the shoot, I chose one of the best photo spots in the San Francisco area that has a spectacular lookout. I was hoping my idea to take photos above the fog would go according to plan — and it did! The foggy backdrop is definitely dreamy, but the little pup staring straight into the camera really makes the shot.


Furry Friends Bring More Love Into the Session

Check out my Instagram reel to see how one little pup could bring so much love and happiness into a session! If you’re looking to include your dog in your next family photo session in the Bay Area, please feel free to reach out to me for details.


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